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09-24-2004, 01:42 AM
Brent Burns Beard
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ok, a cap compromise - from GoCoyotes

why wont the owners negotiate a soft cap ? is that not progress and moving away from "staus quo".

GoCoyotes made a good suggestion I think and it might be middle ground.

comments ?


"A cap that only affected players not developed by the team they play on seems like the best solution to me. If a player has played 10 years for the same team, or if that player has played their entire NHL career for the same team they should not count against the cap. The 10 year tenure with the team could be considered a franchise player exemption, and the entire NHL career could be considered a developmental exemption. Then of course you have to look at the total teams should be able to spend by acquiring players via trades and free agency. By limiting this, you are decreasing the cases where a player holdouts for a trade to make more money because if he is traded he would count towards a cap. You also decrease the money that can be spent on free agents, so that brings that market level down a notch as well. It still leaves an open end for the market as a whole for salaries to grow and players to make their money, but it ensures that owners spend the money in the right places, not just buying up players from poorer teams as it occurs now."

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