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09-24-2004, 02:06 AM
mr gib
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Originally Posted by RangerBlues
Why I support the owners
I'ts their teams, their capatol, their risk. It doesent matter that they run it like crap, it's theirs to do with it what they please. Thats whats so silly about this whole thing, forgett the salary cap, if an owner wants to spend 20 million, thats his business, if he can't compete, close up shop, simple.
Obviously the NHL cant support 30 teams, the market has spoken, it's not about the quality of play, there is just not enough people interested. Thats up to owners and management to get people interested.
If it was so easy, everybody would have a sports team.
its their crappy arena deals too - and the municipal taxes - aka montreal - they want the players to foot the bill for bad management - study the coyotes - gretz and barnett would have turned the whole thing around this year - getting all the revenue from the building is a huge advantage -

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