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Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post
Well, since I have access to a bit more data now, figured "spread the wealth".

I picked rather arbitrary start and end dates for the table. The start of which when the CSSR started to become a force in International Hockey, challenging the USSR, and the end date being when many of the best had jumped to the NHL(Novy, Stastny brothers, Hlinka, etc)

1965-66 Jaroslav Holik(69) Jozef Golonka(56) Vaclav Nedomansky(54) Jan Klapac(52) Milan Koks(52) Jan Starsi(49) Josef Cerny(47)
1966-67 Vaclav Nedomansky(60) Jaroslav Holik(59) Jan Klapac(52) Jan Havel(45) Jozef Golonka(38) Jiri Dolana(34) Stanislav Pryl(34)
1967-68 Jan Havel(53) Vaclav Nedomansky(46) Jiri Kochta(44) Frantisek Pospisil(42) Vladimir Martinec(39) Jaroslav Holik(39) Jozef Golonka(37)
1968-69 Jan Suchy(56) Jaroslav Holik(52) Vaclav Nedomansky(48) Josef Cerny(44) Jozef Golonka(44) Jaroslav Jirik(43) Jiri Holik(39)
1969-70 Jiri Kochta(52) Josef Cerny(46) Jan Suchy(44) Jan Havel(44) Vaclav Nedomansky(42) Jan Hrbaty(41) Jiri Holik(40)
1970-71 Vaclav Nedomansky(46) Jan Havel(45) Richard Farda(44) Frantisek Pospisil(42) Vladimir Martinec(39) Ivan Hlinka(38) Bedrich Brunclik(38)
1971-72 Vaclav Nedomansky(56) Ivan Hlinka(54) Jaroslav Holik(42) Vladimir Martinec(42) Frantisek Pospisil(40) Jan Klapac(39) Josef Cerny(34)
1972-73 Vladimir Martinec(49) Julius Haas(46) Milan Novy(44) Vaclav Nedomansky(39) Jiri Holik(37) Jiri Novak(36) Ivan Hlinka(35)
1973-74 Vaclav Nedomansky(74) Milan Novy(54) Ivan Hlinka(54) Vladimir Martinec(53) Julius Haas(52) Jaroslav Holik(46) Richard Farda(43)
1974-75 Ivan Hlinka(78) Milan Novy(68) Marian Stastny(63) Josef Ulrych(55) Jiri Novak(53) Vladimir Martinec(45) Eduard Novak(44)
1975-76 Milan Novy(57) Vladimir Martinec(51) Ivan Hlinka(43) Eduard Novak(37) Frantisek Cernik(36) Bohuslav Ebermann(35) Josef Ulrych(32)
1976-77 Milan Novy(89) Vincent Lukac(74) Eduard Novak(63) Bohuslav Ebermann(60) Ivan Hlinka(58) Jan Klapac(55) Vladimir Martinec(53)
1977-78 Milan Novy(75) Ivan Hlinka(71) Jaroslav Pouzar(62) Vincent Lukac(61) Marian Stastny(56) Jiri Bubla(56) Peter Stastny(53)
1978-79 Marian Stastny(74) Milan Novy(56) Peter Stastny(55) Vincent Lukac(52) Anton Stastny(51) Ladislav Svozil(45) Eduard Novak(43)
1979-80 Vincent Lukac(67) Milan Novy(66) Jaroslav Pouzar(62) Anton Stastny(60) Jiri Novak(53) Peter Stastny(52) Ladislav Svozil(50)
1980-81 Milan Novy(80) Jiri Lala(62) Jindrich Kokrment(61) Vincent Lukac(58) Darius Rusnak(58) Miroslav Frycer(57) Ivan Hlinka(52)
1981-82 Milan Novy(67) Igor Liba(53) Jindrich Kokrment(53) Frantisek Cernik(51) Jiri Lala(51) Vladimir Ruzicka(49) Jiri Sejba(42)
I have to say that I'm just slightly confused. I found this list of top point scorers (well, it's just a list someone has posted on a Finnish hockey board):

1969 Jan Suchy 54 (28+26)
1970 Jiri Kochta 52 (25+27)
1971 Vaclav Nedomansky 55 (37+18)
1972 Vaclav Nedomansky 56 (35+21)
1973 Milan Novy 56 (39+17)
1974 Vaclav Nedomansky 74 (46+28)
1975 Ivan Hlinka 78 (36+42)
1976 Milan Novy 57 (35+22)
1977 Milan Novy 89 (59+30)
1978 Milan Novy 75 (40+35)
1979 Marian Stastny 74 (39+35)
1980 Vincent Lukac 67 (43+24)
1981 Milan Novy 80 (32+48)
1982 Milan Novy 67 (29+38)
The lists have a different winner in 1973 (Martinec, Novy), and there are a few differences in the points totals; from the 1973-74 season on, however, they are identical.

I had the impression that Vladimir Martinec, for example, never won the scoring title (points) in the Czechoslovak Elite League, only the goal-scoring title in 1979???

BTW, if we look only at the statistics, Milan Novy seems to be VERY underrated player indeed.

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