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Originally Posted by Quik View Post
The best way would be to hit the boards side-ways, with your arms/legs not being the first to hit the boards - that way no major injuries can occur.

Still, it's usually pretty hard to spin yourself if you're going full speed into the boards, so it's kind of hard to say the best way, other than NEVER GO HEAD FIRST! If it's a situation where you're sliding headfirst into the boards and can't turn your body, brace yourself by putting your arms out first, because a broken arm is better than a broken neck in a worst case scenario.

Otherwise, if you're going feet first, lift your legs off the ice and away from the boards so you don't break your ankles.

Basically, it's best to tuck yourself into a position where nothing vital is making a major impact against the boards.

In most cases would you drop your stick or hold onto it while sliding in the boards? I've been in a situation where I held onto the stick and speared myself. Since then I either let go of the stick or try to make stick parallel to boards when sliding in, forgetting about reaching for the puck.

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