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09-24-2004, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
Now, Rangers set another bar for DEFENSIVE FORWARD.. how much was Holik signed for again???

Both the Devils and Toronto offered very very similar amounts (both over 8 million) so if it wasn't the Rangers it would have been the Small Market Devils a team with a 55+ million dollar payroll or it would have been the Canadian version of NHL Killers Toronto.

I believe I said it is all relative. I dont think I have ever seen, unless under some extreme cases, that a company would offer a contract or salary to someone where there is no similar preceding cases that high. If Rangers had not offered him 8M/year, would Leafs or devils offer him 8M?? I dont know, I am not Quinn. But I wouldnt, as a businessman. If Rangers offers 5M, I wouldnt offer anything more than 6M. Of course, it could go back and forth and till it reached to the budgeted ceiline price of 8M probably (since this is what he signed for). But we never know, would we? Still, Holik for 8M? Maybe it is just me, but Holik is not worth that much, not at $8M!

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