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09-24-2004, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by PhillyNucksFan
I dont know how much fat Q and fat L offered Holik, but the end result is, Holik signed with the rangers at 8M,
Then why ask us why he would not sign back with NJ?

"Of course, I do realize he brings much more to the table than the scoring stats. but 8M?"

Again, we are not setting the market for him. The $8m # is a number that BOTH Toronton and NJ were willing to pay for him (and actually I believe that the Toronto # was $8.5m). So obviously, Holik had other suitors that were willing to pay him that much money. So how exactly is that the fault of the Rangers?

"WHY the heck would some broker A buy MSFT $$ at $40 per share with such P/E earnings and the rest of the market and just shoots up and pays $40 +/- $1 for it. "

Because he believes that he can make a profit on it. Those that do not believe so, do not invest. And NHL players are NOT the stock market. You cannot possibly compare shares of Microsoft to Bobby Holik.

"This is all about market setting, not about "I didnt tell others to follow", and this, is, no offense, a junior highschool argument. "

Setting the market for a financial investment and setting the market for hockey players are apples and organges. You cannot equate the two. However, if you really want to, what buisinessman would spend an amount on an investment, knowing that spending said amount would put his company in the red? Not many. If you really want to make correlation between the real business world and the NHL, that's it where you can look.

"Your guess is just as good as mine, because I am not Holik and I dont know why the hell he didnt take the $9M or something that fat L or fat Q offered"

Again, then why ask us why he would not resign in NJ?

"I am a Sakic fan and believes he is worth every single penny. I dont see what is your point of trying to argue this one, because I am not."

Then why ask why Kariya should not expect Sakic money? You asked and I gave you the reasons.

"They may seek, but they may sign for less of what they seek for! Agree!? It is the mentality here, not the end result."

And that makes the players different from you and I how? Yes, they are making millions, however, wouldn't you try to maximize your value? I see it everyday. When $$$ speaks, people walk. Although the pay scale is entirely different, you would have hard-pressed to try to prove that the playes "mentality" is different from any of us when it comes to making money.

"Why people are following? Such as who?"

If you claim that the Rangers have set a bar, then obvioulsy there are people following. If that is not what you are saying, then how can it possibly be the fault of the Rangers? If teams ARE NOT following, then they are making their own decisions with their own money. And, as such, are SOLELY responsible for their own states.

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