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09-24-2004, 10:47 AM
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I would like to first say that I don`t "support" the owners... I agree with them that the league needs some type of cost certainty. I honestly believe that the league needs some type of link between revenues and playercosts to stabilize the finances of the league and, hopefully, allow the game to prosper and grow once it has settled financially.

Originally Posted by Russian Fan
The thing I'm tired to hear is that the players are greedy & the owners are not. To me that's the biggest bull**** I can hear.
I agree with you on this. I think that some members of both parties are greedy but not all of either.

The 2nd thing is that a cap would lower the ticket price where Bob Goodenow said & that's 1 thing I agree with is that TICKET PRICES & PLAYERS SALARIES are not related. For an amateur, average joe hockey fan, he look at a players millions & he sees ticket price rising & there you go.
I disagree somewhat with this point. I don`t believe there is a direct correlation between ticket prices and player salaries, but you would have to be a fool to believe that there is ABSOLUTELY no relationship between the two. The owners need money to pay the players and in a gate driven league like the NHL the easiest thing to do is raise ticket prices. Once a new deal is in place I doubt ticket prices will go down, but I also don`t think they will go up for quite a while.

The 3rd thing that I hate to hear is that OWNERS are taking all the risk , they have a right to make money. OF COURSE they should make money but taking the risk does NOT GIVE YOU the RIGHT to make some. I'm sorry but if you start your business & you manage it like a moron, you will lose MONEY & it's almost like you have a RIGHT to lose money.
I completely disagree with this. The owners are taking all the risk, and yes they have a right to make money off their team or at the very least not lose money. Their is a huge risk with owning an NHL team, you could be doing all the right things as far as management goes but, for example if a star player (or two) go down to injury, you start losing games, you start losing fans, you miss the playoffs and BOOM like that you have lost money.

The 4th thing is that I'm tired to hear the ''HOLIK'' salaries, it happens 1-TIME & it won't happen again. Should we bother about it ? Does John Madden got 9,000,000$ this year ?no.
The reason people keep bringing up Holik is because that contract basically sums up the problem we have on our hands right now. Here is a situation where the Rangers wanted him, and were basically willing to pay anything to get him. That, in a nutshell, is why we need some sort of cap. The rangers and a few others can pay these salaries, while the others cannot.

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