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05-04-2009, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by raganblink View Post
Vapor6s for 99?

You are being ripped off. Period.

If they've had a skate for 7 years, you should be able to get it (top of the line, mind you) for no more than $100. And those aren't top of the line skates.

My buddy got into hockey in 2006 and bought Vapor6s for $140, new. Seriously that is expensive for those skates. You shoudn't be paying more than $50 for those new skates. And IIRC, those skates suck, too. Im pretty sure the steel doesn't come out, and it overall was pretty cheap. He quit hockey 6 months later stating he hated his equipment, but didn't want to spend another 500 to get better equipment.

I really do not recommend getting those, unless you totally can get them for like $40.
I've already been using them for 6 years and wish to have another pair of exactly the same thing because they're awesome.

$99 is still a good price ... post a link with some exacts and I'll buy those at your lower price you claimed I should be able to.

I can't find any so your help would be appreciated. If you cannot then I am getting these from that site. I still say there are not any for any cheaper. I paid close to $300 ($270+ tax or some crap, I forgets now) in 2002 for the ones I own already and thay have been absolutely super.

Also they have the Custom+ Tuuk holders and runners.

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