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09-24-2004, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Chelios
I honestly believe that the league needs some type of link between revenues and playercosts to stabilize the finances of the league.
Absolutely. The only problem is that the owners are almost certainly under-reporting revenues. If the NHL and the NHLPA can agree on a way to establish true league revenues, I think the two sides will move quickly toward a soft cap / revenue sharing solution.

Originally Posted by Chelios
The owners need money to pay the players and in a gate-driven league like the NHL the easiest thing to do is raise ticket prices.
No, the easiest thing to do is get more money from tickets. That could mean raising prices if the owner thinks fans will keep paying, or lowering them in order to get more people in the building. Increases in ticket prices are caused by increases in fan interest, not player salaries. Tickets will always be priced at the exact amount that the owners think will get them the highest return, regardless of who plays on their team.

Originally Posted by Chelios
The owners are taking all the risk, and yes they have a right to make money off their team or at the very least not lose money.
It is simply not true to say that players are not taking any risks. Their careers are short. They risk major injuries every game. Their life spans are almost certainly cut short as a result of the punishment they take on a regular basis. But most importantly, every successful NHLer is one of thousands and thousands of hopeful hockey players who have invested enormous amounts of time and energy into the sport, many foregoing college, all for a chance to make it to the NHL. True, much of this time is spent playing a fun game. But wagering most of your young life on a career that most likely will never materialize is a big risk nonetheless.

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