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09-24-2004, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
As an aside, Bettman is choosing to gloss over the fact that 75% of the purported $224m loss last year is caused by 6 teams. Of the 6, 3 are NY, Chicago, and St. Louis. Hardly teams that are crying poverty and not making payrolls. Is it really necessary to try to force a $31m cap becuase of 6 teams?
And speaking of necessary, every team contributed $10m to the league's warchest, right? So of that $300m, how much of that will go to the Rangers, Chicago, or St. Louis? I'm betting nothing. That $300m will be used to keep the Carolinas and Pittsburghs of the world propped up.

Good point. thats 20% of the teams contributing 75% of the total loss. Though I believe in a soft cap, but 31M is too low to begin with.

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