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09-24-2004, 01:52 PM
True Blue
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Just something that shows the owners hipocracy

Here's the best part:

"On the other side of the irony fence, Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos told Detroit-area reporters at a junior hockey kickoff that the players better suck it up and take what the owners are offering.

"We're going to tie players' salaries to the revenues of the league. And they can sit and be petulant and pout about it all they want," Karmanos said.

Nicely said.

But wasn't it Karmanos who, in 1998, signed Detroit Red Wings restricted free agent Sergei Fedorov to an obscene offer sheet that forced Karmanos' arch-rival owner Mike Ilitch to pay the holdout $28 million for three months' worth of work?

The one and only.

The offer sheet, matched by the Red Wings en route to a second consecutive Stanley Cup, made Fedorov the highest-paid player in the league -- albeit briefly -- and played a significant role in pushing the NHL off the economic cliff."

If that is not an example of hipocracy, what is? Yes, it is both the fault of the players and the owners. However, it just churns my stomach to see the owners try to scapegoat the players as the reasons that there is no hockey right now.

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