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05-05-2009, 12:24 AM
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Yeah you know what, the type of team Montreal has is not the same team as the Los Angeles Kings. Do you seriously think the Montreal Canadiens current roster is comparable to the Los Angeles Kings roster of two years ago? Really?

It's also not like the team the Cannucks had when he was coach. There are simmilarities - Crawford joined the Cannucks in the middle of their rebuilding phase. In my opinion, the Canadiens are nearing the end of a rebuild - many of the elements needed to bring this team to the upper echelon are in place, but just need to garner experience in the NHL. We're not a 30th place team in the NHL. We're not a first either. It has similarilies to the Cannucks.

When Crawford took over the Vancouver Cannucks, the starting goalie was Garth Snow, whos stats are worse then our Carey Price. The best player that year? Markus Naslund, at 25 years old, with 66 points in 80 games. The team was prety brutal. Within a season and a half they had reached the playoffs. Crawford was pretty important in building a winning team with Vancouver.

Los Angeles is a different story. The team sucked from top to bottom and even though he had a short tenure - there were obvious signs of improvement when he left there.

The thing that is interesting for me is his 96 season with the Colorado Avalanche. Our team doesn't really compare much to them, but it was his most successful season, and he had a franchise goaltender in Patrick Roy - something we potentially have in Carey Price. If we can get the final elements to our lineup added, I think Crawford could be a valuable addition to our team.

Only problem is the bad press... the Moore incident was messy and he allegedly played some kind of role in it. Just thinking back though, those Vancouver Cannucks teams... they were just awesome in the system Crawford had. Could that system be benificial to the Habs?

I for one, would be happy if Crawford was hired.

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