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05-05-2009, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
Just what about a stick turned upside down is a safety issue under the broken stick rule? The rule is broken sticks.

The call you should make is the call that you can defend the easiest. You would have a very hard time defending that call under the Broken Sticks rule because the stick is not broken.

If you can score by using the shaft of your stick, you can damn well score with the butt end of your stick. As a supervisor, if one of my referees made such a call, his next assignment would be on the lines.
Then it's probably a good thing you'll never be a supervisor.

If the equipment is being used in a manner other than what it was designed for, and in my opinion it's a danger to others on the ice, it's not going to be on the ice. Anyone who puts their ego ahead of the safety of the kids playing the game doesn't need to be anywhere near the game, so stay behind your keyboard and off the ice. But you can dream.

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