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09-24-2004, 03:40 PM
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I personally like your idea... alot

Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
Yes, they include everyone who didn't play their first NHL game for that team. Like I said, you can adjust for the franchise player exemption.
In my opinion:

I think whatever the average NHL career is (10 years? 15 years? etc.), divide that number by 2... If the player is with the same franchise for at least half of the average NHL playing career (taking out the outlyers (sp?) like Messier, Francis, one-game wonders, etc.) then IMO, make the franchise player exemption apply to that player...

Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
If it's a hard cap, teams can't go over the cap unless they face the same punishments a regular hard cap would impact (fines?). You could even do a luxury tax, but I don't even like that idea unless you start taxing very high percentages, at least dollar for dollar if not more.
In my opinion:

Personally, I prefer a luxury tax (with the money collected by the league and then divided equally amongst the teams at the end of the season)... This rewards the teams who are home growing their talent - By giving them extra cash to pay for their home grown 'core'... Dollar for dollar tax sounds good to me...

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