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05-05-2009, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
I have a funny feeling that Jonasen is supposed to provide the muscle in front of the net, something Gordie used to do, but a club needs more than one... Then again, the Andersons were brought in late last season and had to play with the cards dealt to them. Their idea on what and who they need and want to play is certainly different from HH's, so it makes sense that some of the "good old guys" have to go. They are still "good guys" but may not fit in with what Peter and Mozart have in mind for next year. Can't just change the coaching staff and expect results. Bummer though... Gordie was a fan favorite.
well, while dwyer surely provided grit, was a fan favorite and really went where no else wants to go, his skills were a dwyer-like player with a bit more skills would be nice as replacement, someone who can still score a bit on allsvenskan level.

Täng... I don't know much about him either. It feels like another hire based on past performance. NA highlighted his past in the U-National Teams and then a quick once over on stops after that. But, I suppose Örebro has to roll their dice a little bit, everyone coming in can't be first liners. A club needs depth as well, and who knows, maybe he gets his jets going in Örebro and turn out to be a marquee guy?
the more i think about him, the better i like it. he's at least a well-trained player and 104 allsvenskan games are sort of experience, especially for a 23y old. and the goal is to stay in allsvenskan, isn't it?

let's see who else in on D:

svensk, 25y old, 170 allsvenskan games and another two full season with örebro. could need more offense, but i'd say he's very reliable and not a bad player for allsvenskan.

lorentzon, 23y old, pretty much no experience. and a pure stay-at-homer. not sure if he's any good at this level. but somehow i guess he's as good as someone on 3rd D-line has to be.

filander, 27y old, 111 allsvenskan games. not very offensive either. what exactly is his role? hmm...

and then there's this austrian-swedish guy who's on try-out:
lindgren, 24y old, 219 games at highest austrian level. no clue how good he is, but no offense pretty much.

so what's missing? exactly, at least two offensive Ds and i wouldn't mind both being 28-33y old. experience is needed along with puckmoving ability. but 4,5 Ds won't be the end, so i guess they are still working on getting the guys needed.

Bofors looks like they could be hurting for next year.
yep, boras doesn't look that good either at the moment. not sure about the other teams. but it should be possible to stay in allsvenskan for our guys.

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