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05-05-2009, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Malakhov View Post
Well, reading this thread makes me sick to be an Habs fan.

It's so easy to forget what a player brings to a team just because he had problems for a few months at the end of a season.

So easy to forget that Komisarek and Markov was one of the best defensive pairing in the whole NHL at the start of the season, heh.

Oh well, it's gonna come and bite us in the rear again, when Komi is gonna sign elsewhere and become the beast he was elswhere, then when he'll come over and play in Montreal we'll all be "Darn, why did we let that guy go?" just like with the countless players over the last decade or so...
Nobody is saying Komisarek sucks, or that he's not valuable to us. He's a big part of our D. It just happens to he, like many others, had a very bad 2nd half season.

People are saying he's no where near 6M. I don't care if he gets 6M in salary as long as his cap hit isn't close to it.
Heck, give him 10M, I couldn't care less as long as he doesn't take more than 4M off the cap.

When I talk about money, I'm looking at the cap hit and there is no way Komisarek is worth a 6M cap hit. No way in hell.

Pronger is a 6.25 cap hit, so please..

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