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09-24-2004, 08:33 PM
Jack Canuck
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Originally Posted by djhn579
"It is very difficult to say this plan is going to be good for players."

One could say that having 30 financially stable teams, which provide over 700 well paying jobs with an average salary of $1.3M/year would be good for the players.

Much better than the average player sitting out for a full year and getting no money, or having fewer teams (and jobs) with teams folding every few years...

But of course, the owners aren't really losing money. They just thought it would be fun to alienate all of their fans because the game of hockey was getting too boring with all the clutching and grabbing, or because they want to make even more money, which is what obviously happens when you lock out players and alienate your fans...
This I totally agree with you on.

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