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05-06-2009, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by beerman View Post
I'd also be interested in hearing anyone's specific tactical or strategic gameplan adjustments that could be made.

I know it's the fact that the Pens and Caps are two evenly matched teams, but it seems like we were having too much trouble transitioning out of the neutral zone than we should have. It's not like Pittsburgh is a overly defensive-minded team like the Devils or Rangers.

Hopefully it's just us being lazy or overconfident about our breakouts cause that can be a fairly easy correction!

I'd really appreciate hearing from someone who's into hockey strategy to chime in on this.
Not much really. Pinch aggressively and skate the puck out as much as you can so we can enter the zone with speed. Every time we get the puck in the neutral zone and then accelerate from zero onward ends in disaster. Don't relinquish possession easily (don't dump and chase if you don't wanna chase). Just toss it back and regroup. Play 3-1-1 offense but be able to easily transition to 2-1-2 defense. Have Sloan or Clark take a career ending run at Kunitz when the game is out of reach for either them or us.

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