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09-24-2004, 10:42 PM
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Funny how the Coyotes have been criticized by their offseason spending by many, and yet their current roster consists of $33,270,000 is salary committed to players that would fall under the cap. Granted, the Coyotes have not built a team wisely thus far, as only Kolanos & Doan will be on the active roster and considered cap exempt under my rules. Says a lot about how the Coyotes got into the place they are in and why they've had to sign all the players to make up for it. The Coyotes have done it much like the Canucks of the past though, contracts for players that filled holes but that didn't exceed the market value to the point of detriment. That's about where I stop comparing those two teams, but I think the Coyotes are on the right track, and Vancouver got back on track just a few short years ago the same way.

So there is room to improve your team through free agency, it just can't be the only fix on a yearly basis.

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