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05-06-2009, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Isles_Guy View Post
Im not a sabres fan, and to be honest I could care less which center you have, outside of Ottawa Spezza is considered soft and a player that greatly benefits from his wingers. Alfy and Heater average 80-85 goals a season, Vanek and Stafford 60-65.
Soft, how so?

Perhaps the people outside of Ottawa should watch more games before they comment then. Spezza does a lot of the work on that line... he has so many giveaways because he's usually charged with the entry into the zone, then holds the puck in the zone and sets up the play.

What do these same people think of Derek Roy?

Originally Posted by Isles_Guy View Post
That 20 points is the is the entire difference between Roy and Spezza. in Spezzas best season he had 92 points Alfy and Heater had 81 goals. in his 2nd best season with 90 points Alfy and Heater had 93 goals.

in Roys best 2 seasons of 80 and 71 points, Vanek and Stafford had 52 and 60 goals

so spezza s wingers had 29 and 33 more goals but Spezza had only 12 and 19 more points than Roy. so how can you not admit that the difference has nothing to do with who Spezza was passing the puck to ? only an idiot wouldnt say that they had more than a little something to do with it
You're completely ignoring games played as factor in your calculations, when it is an obvious point to note.

Post-lockout, Spezza's outscored Roy by 20 goals and 82 points in 12 less games over 4 years. Or an average of 6 goals and 26 points per 82 games.

Originally Posted by Isles_Guy View Post
I'm freakin in a wheelchair, and if you give me Alfy and Heater as wingers and Id look pretty damn good too. this is no knock on Jason either, he still has to get them the puck, but you still have to be honest about the guys hes got or youre being very unfair to Alfy and Heater.
There's quite a difference between watching Radek Bonk pass to Hossa and seeing Hossa skate end-to-end through the entire opposing team to earn Bonk an assist... compared to watching Spezza do all the work and Heatley touching the puck for maybe 30 seconds a game.

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