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Originally Posted by The Great Dubinsky View Post
I posted this proposal in another thread. But its relevant here considering that would accomplish two things for the Rangers. Ridding themselves of one of their bad contracts, i.e. helping the cap situ and, landing them a top 5 pick.

Gomez, Sanguenetti, Korpikoski rights to Zherdev, Rangers first in 09 for Thrashers first in 09 and Todd White.

White wont reproduce his season last year but hes not a bad player and is only at 2.5 per year and I believe is a UFA after this year.

Its a win win. Thrashers get a top line center for Kovalchuk, two prospects and rights to a player would flourish with Kovalchuck.

Rangers get rid of some salary, and a top draft pick.
i wouldnt touch that trade with a 10foot pole. three of those players are IN THE NHL RIGHT NOW, why trade for a pick that you never know....could turn out to be say...Pavel Brendl? that trade is going to haunt us and its always in the back of my mind when people make such bazaar proposals. your crazy to do that trade, idc what that pick can become, id rather not morgage the WHOLE future for just one pick who might not develop to be what we drafted him for.

no thanks to that....seriously people have to realize that teams that high up arent going to do a trade like that unless they are getting boatloads of picks back.

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