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Originally Posted by The Great Dubinsky View Post
Your very very wrong. This is not a baazar proposal in facts its a very realistic one for a few reasons that your naive little mind fails to realize. (thats for making fun of my proposal)

1. Frees up cap space. 7.3 gone for Gomez, Korpedo's 1 mil, Zherdevs QO would have been around 3ish so thats 11 million.

We bring back a fully capable roster player in Todd white, and get a top 5 pick to adress our needs. So overall we free up 8.5 million in cap space with Whites 2.5 cap hit.

If you pass up on that deal when you have the chance to clear that capspace and bring back a top 5 pick, your a tool.

No team is going to give boatloads of picks any more because in the NEW NHL you simply can't do that. You need to have build a winning team with high profile players, your role players, and then a few players on ELC's. You can't draft players without picks.

This would accomplish a ton of things for the Thrashers, a #1 center and winger and still have a first round pick.

Rangers get a top 5 pick and who knows maybe they could even move up another spot or two to 3rd or 2nd overall and get a player like Evander Kane or Hedman. It would be alot different cost wise moving from 4th to 2nd versus 19th to 2nd.

That would get us out of CAP HELL and give us plenty of wiggle room.

It is a fair trade from both sides.
see the funny thing is is that that is a totally unrealistic trade. NO GM, i repeat NO GM would trade that many ROSTER PLAYERS for PROPSECTS UNLESS THEY ARE IN A REBUILD. WE ARE NOT IN A REBUILD ANYMORE!!!! so you would never see a GM especially Sather make a trade like that. the only way you see Gomez traded is if we take someone who makes a little less money and has a contract that runs out in a year or two. Rozy would be the one who would gets us picks or prospects since his actual salary is at or lower then his cap hit.

and i honestly think that Atlanta will not move their 4th overall pick because of the fact that even though they want to try and make moves to help persuade Kovalchuk to stay there, but they ARE A REBUILDING TEAM! they need all of the picks they can get so if they do get kovalchuk resigned they can actually build a proper team around him this time.

Todd White on any other team is nothing mroe then a 3rd line centerman. we have enough 2-3-4th line centerman. he had a good year because he got playing time and was playing on a line with kovalchuk for games at a time.

im all for freeing up cap space, but you do that trade our lineup gets very very very bland on talent real quick. zherdev is our most talented offensive player, korpikoski is a still developing player who is a good all around player. and if your atlanta, and u have owners who dont really like spending money at this time, you honestly think they will take on 11 million in salary, and then have to resign a bunch of guys? so yea....unrealistic

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