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05-06-2009, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Well, reality is often painful.

Dipeitro is owed a boatload of money, something to the tune of $50 million +, is chronically injured and will probably not be a useful long term investment for any sane NHL franchise. Plus his contract is toxic to a cap sensititive team. And as rich as MLSE are, I can't see them paying a guy $50 million + for over a decade to play in the AHL, because that would destroy Dipietro's career (if he can play).

Just based on the money factor alone, the first overall pick is probably not enough of an incentive for anybody to take on that kind of a burden.

Seriously, getting the first overall for Toronto would be equally crippling as it would be beneficial. The Isles on the other hand would be absolved of the worst contract in NHL history just like that.

Let me help you out here.From today's NY Newsday
Obviously, the Islanders have concerns about the remaining 12 years of injured goaltender Rick DiPietro's contract because of uncertainty about the health issues that limited him to five games last season. But DiPietro's annual salary of $4.5 million still leaves them plenty of flexibility. Other teams are locked in at higher prices for star players and might have to shed salary over this summer and next summer to position themselves to get under the cap.

That should provide Snow with an opportunity to pluck a quality player or two down the road in trade or by a free-agent signing. With a strong draft this June and some careful planning, the Islanders can be in a much stronger position for the 2010-11 season. But even with the No. 1 pick coming in this summer, they also must consider the economy before taking any plunges on free agents for the 2009-10 season. Most likely, that will mean another year of building from within.

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