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Originally Posted by beerman View Post
thanks for the link, i'll read through it in a bit

So does it go without being said, or is it just me, that we would be a better team with a Tkachuk on the wing as opposed to Fleischmann? or maybe a skilled D with more edge than Poti or Pothier such as Derek Morris? The arguement being that these are players with somewhat similar skill levels but more physical.

Keep in mind I am giving Fleischmann a significant amount of respect as far as his skill. I also understand that there may be no noticeable difference in stats or even team record during the Regular Season in this hypothetical swap of players, but that might be exactly the point I am trying to make. I'm thinking that it would be in the playoffs where I believe the different player COULD and quite possibly WOULD make a difference in our team record. The old playoff's are different than Reg Season adage.

In fairness to Fleischmann maybe a more realistic comparison would be a Torres, Umberger, Upshall, etc. Interestingly, this would bring in the possible argument that there would be too much of a drop in speed/skill and would actually adversely affect the team. I'm open to that arguement.

I guess what I'm saying is that I wish Fleischmann was just a little stronger and meaner.
Some problems with your ideas:

1. Tkachoke is abysmal and has been for some time. His playoff performance set Atlanta back a decade and that was back before he was old as dust. He's been completely invisible against the canucks this series. If you want an old guy to crash the net, get Recchi. Three times cheaper and twice as effective. However, IMO we should retain Fleischmann next year. If he finally puts his game together and adds 10 pounds he can be a Semin-level scoring menace, with more inclination to crash the net.

2. Morris is probably the most overhyped defenseman this year. Contrary to popular belief he's not that much more physical than Poti. He's lucky to get 20 points a season nowadays. He's probably the best in the league at getting undressed in highlight-reel ways.

Here's a nice site for player hits.

As for being physical... Mike Richards had 19 hits in the playoffs. Where's Philly now?

Physicality isn't as important in the playoffs as people like to claim it is. In fact, it can be detrimental if it's misused. John Erskine is nice, sure, but Mike Green's pretty physical too and has been disastrous defensively. Ditto for Phaneuf. I'd much rather have a big guy who can protect the puck with his size (like a better version of Kozlov up front or defensively solid version of Green minus the offense, since he is pretty good at protecting the puck but gets carried away with it too much) or an Alzner type on D then a hitter.

I used to think we should try to get rid of Poti, but he's definitely stepped up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I guess. We'll see at the end of the the year

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