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Originally Posted by kicksavedave View Post
After watching these two games against the Pens, the one thing I was left wanting was a Dman who will honestly clear the crease, reliably , not just once in a blue moon. Green was hideous at that in game 2 and let Sid have a hat trick because of his timidness or confusion around the crease. In ether case, you're allowed to play the body and check the puck, but Green does neither around the crease.

So if I would add or change anything I'd find a Mark Tinordi type to pair with Green to help clean up that mess. Erskine is playing well, but he's all that we have as far as that goes. Juice has been stepping up his physical play, but we need at least three serious physical Dmen to pair with our three soft puck movers.
Green has all the tools to clear the crease but seems to prefer flashy hits with puck instead. Hopefully Kunitz's crosscheck to Varlamov awakened something inside him, he looked positively animalistic after that.

I think we shouldn't have a stay at home paired with puckmover system. It can work really well if both guys are experienced (Pronger-Whitney/Niedermayer-Wisniewski), but otherwise disrupts the flow of your game and can backfire (look at how ineffective Gonchar-Orpik has been). For us, I think we should have a puck-moving pair (Green Alzner or Green Poti), a shutdown pair (Erskine Jurcina, Erskine Morrissonn or Jurcina Morrissonn), and an intermediate pair consisting of Pothier and one of the remainders (if Poti and Erskine are healthy, Alzner sits). The puck moving pair helps keep the cycle away from our net, and if they do make it down there, it shouldn't be a major crease crashing problem since they'd be good at getting it back out, and the shutdown pair along with a checking line could just give the Pens nightmares in front of the crease when they are on the offensive. Phillips Volchenkov was insanely effective for Ottawa when they got to the final.

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