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05-06-2009, 02:41 PM
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I have ONE lamey short 21 second video I shot with a digital regular camera that shot avi by sitting it on a kitchen chair I brought out to my backyard rink. I make a rink every year weather permitting.

Okay the video needs a setup ... I had a nice big rink in the backyard that usually looks like this ....

And I am here using it like this ...

Ummm I put the digital camera on a puck for an ice level shot

Now why does the video need a setup? Well because I shot it just after doing a quick repair when we had 2 60 degree (Fahrenheit) days of heavy rain which washed the rink away AND 70 mph winds that ripped up my huge sheet of poly which ripped it to all unholy heck.

So this was a quick repair job to give me a bowling alley sized lane to shoot pucks in for practice basically. Living in Maine is good in the winter but sometimes that southern flow brings rain from down south and warm weather which makes outdoor rinks a difficult task to maintain sometimes.

But this video is THE ONLY one I have of me doing anything at all ... I want to get game footage from the team I play for but I own an analog VHS video camera .... I know right ... SUPER LAME-O!

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