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Originally Posted by dbui72 View Post
No you are right Pothier has been good, but to have Alzner you need to replace him with a similar player.

Mo and Juice, still provide a physical presence.

Green though he bites now, eats up a lot of minutes. No way Green is going.

Sloan we need for his physicality as well.

But who would you prefer to go, just asking?

First of all Alzner and Pothier are not similar players. Pothier is a veteran, fast, mobile offensive defenseman. Alzner is a rookie stay at home. He is not slow, but he does not skate nearly as well as Pothier. Alzner does not have nearly the offensive zone game that Pothier has.

These are two completely different players and as Poti is the only other veteran defenseman on the roster and the Caps are loaded with young players, Pothier's skill set is more needed than Alzner's.

I expect Alzner will be a top 4, possibly top pair defenseman, but there is a reason why Alzner is sitting and watching Pothier and Tyler Sloan.

As for what to improve them?

In the playoffs, they need to be mentally stronger. The Caps that come out in the first period and threaten to run you out of the building have not shown for the playoffs as yet. They have started each game tentatively, particularly at home. That they have won 5 games in a row without their typical first periods only means they can be more dominant than they have been.

For next season: They need to keep their experience level up on way or the other and possibly add to that. They may well not have Nylander and Theodore next season and Kozlov and Fedorov have expiring contracts. As mentioned above they are very thin on experience on defense. If they go with a rookie goalie next season, adding some experience on defense is smart.

Fedorov said this in an interview I saw here today that the Caps main area of improvement is the professionalism of coming to work everyday and putting your best effort forward. Good things happen with good habits. We have heard this from him as an axiom. If the Caps mental approach allows them to dominate the poor teams in the league like Boston did this season, while having similar success against that top teams, the Capitals will be the 1 seed next season without any major changes to the roster or the coaching.

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