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05-06-2009, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
They might move north of Toronto....Aurora area....huge market up there.

A second team would work bigtime in Southern Ontario....absolutely no question...especcially up there. The Greater Toronto Area has 4-5 million people...filled with hockey fans. I mean, NY area has THREE teams. They would sell out every game, with the amount of fans in the GTA. I actually think the area could have 3 teams....Toronto, North Toronto and Hamilton.

Hamilton would probably work, but not as well as North Toronto. When I first heard this idea a few weeks ago, I thought, brilliant. And now they had a big story on in tonight on Hockey Night in Canada.

The thing is....90% of the 5 million GTA NHL fans (including me) RARELY have the opportunity to go to games because of MLSE's ticket gouging and the corporate angle. I can gurantee a new team would be the "anti-leafs", and play to the real hockey fan....garnering a huge fan base. Leafs will still rule beacuse of history, but there are too many people dying to go to games and support it bigtime, and spend huge money (leading to a successful franchise). It will be easy IMO. And this is from a die-hard 30 year LEafs fan. lol.

You have to compensate teams withing 150 miles I have heard, but Compensation would not be too bad in this case....Ottawa doesnt apply, too far away, and if you go north, you wouldnt compensate Buffalo to the West (like you would with Hamilton). It would only be the LEafs you compensate. That North Toronto franchise would be a top 10 franchise within 10 years....easy...and that would be better for all teams, having a prosperous franchise taking over for a floundering one....
i heard them saying more closer to a 427/7 area, so in between brampton and woodbridge? Aurora seems a little too far more for me, but they would hit the Barrie fan base nicely.

Aurora wouldn't be bad at all actually. it's not too far from pickering.

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