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05-06-2009, 05:56 PM
Salary cap? Huh?
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Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
It's not "one spot". It's the difference between one player and another. You have to try and look at the end game here. In 2000, Scott Hartnell was picked 6th overall, followed by Lars Jonsson (who played a grand total of 8 games in the NHL). I know what you're gonna say: I'm using one draft to help illustrate my point and that's twisting the facts in my favor. You can also say: Hey, but there were better players who were available at 7 too (Frolov, Boyes, Volchenkov, Justin Williams etc). That's all true. But you have to take the draft for what it's worth. You're dealing with probability and even one spot higher can make all the difference. You just have to hope the scouting staff doesn't eff up.

I don't really care for this trade and it's not something I'm willing to address to a great extent. I just want to throw in the fact that it's not the upgrade from "7th" to "6th" but rather "Cowan" to "Schenn" as that was the OP's intent all along. The Leafs need some size and strength down the middle and that's what Schenn provides. Uniting the brothers would be cool too. That all said, it's a shame the Kings are taking Braydon at 5.
They rankings for prospects in that range are up in the air, how often at the draft do teams make a deal to move up 1 spot? I honestly can't think of one instance. If the Leafs do intend to trade up in a deal to land Schenn it won't be for one spot, they'll make a run for the 5th, or 4th overall.

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