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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
As per Champagne Wishes' request and in the interest of player research despite the fact that CW is in our division, here is what is said about Cameron's cup-winning performance:

(all sentences mentioning cameron are below but the article is longer)

Originally Posted by theToronto Star, 1914 Finals
It was decidedly rough in spots, but ***** was the only man really hurt, and he got most of his hitting the ice when [Harry] Cameron handed him a fierce body check while he was under a full head of steam.

There was no score [in] the first period. The Torontos opened with three quick close in shots by [Frank] Foyston, [Jack] Walker and Cameron,

Then the scrappy stuff commenced. After some preliminary slashing, Cameron and **** had a wrestling match and Cameron threw **** to the ice. There was no penalty.

Then ***** slammed Foyston, and a moment later ****** got Cameron in close range and “whanged” him one with the hickory, and was boosted out of the fray.

Cameron’s grand rush wound up fruitless when, after evading everybody, **** cut his stick in two just as he was about to shoot.

[Lester] Patrick’s wrist was damaged with a slash, and when Cameron dropped ***** cold with a cross-check the Vics were without a defense.

After seven minutes give-and-take, Cameron checked a Patrick rush, and gave Marshall the puck. Marshall made a rush, with Cameron trailing, passed it over to Cameron when he reached the defense, and Cameron laced it home, waist high. He made it 2-0. Then ****** and Cameron hooked, and Cameron was fenced for slamming ****** over the head with his stick.
So, he threw a fierce bodycheck, participated in some strong offensive pressure, got in a wrestling match, got gooned by the opposition, rushed through the whole team only to be thwarted at the last second, Crosschecked a player out of the game, scored what turned out to be the cup winner on a play that he started by breaking up a rush, and then gooned the opposition back for good measure... same player, too.

Sounds like a game for the ages.

I should mention that at first glance, at least one teammate and one opponent were both mentioned significantly more often than him. Yes, the account is that detailed.
Thanks bud. I truly appreciate it, considering you're a division rival and it'd be too easy to ignore some pretty positive accounts of Cameron's all-around play. Learning more about the game is what it's all about.


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