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05-06-2009, 10:35 PM
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Issues with bad hockey parents!! Help!

(long read sorry, very angry!)

My son is 4.5 years old and is playing in his second set of 8 week learn to play hockey classes. He is by far the smallest and youngest skating with these kids who range from 6 to 12 I would guess. He holds his own, he can skate. Just slower than everyone else. Im really proud of him, before I left for a couple months in Iraq He could barely skate. He would do the skate board push to get himself around the ice. Now that I am home Im shocked and excited by how much he has improved in the months I was away.

I have watched him play 3 times since I have been home and there is one boy in particular who is a bully and pushes him down because he is smaller and punches him in the cage. I laughed it off the first time because boys will be boys... I had no idea his father was telling him to do these things. Today I sat and watched silently from the bleachers this kids overbearing father barking orders to his 6-7 year old while hovering over the glass. As usual this kid keeps knocking over my kid, no big deal. It doesnt bother my boy because he thinks the kid is playing with him. When my son starts knocking over his kid, The father actually starts yelling across the ice for him to punch and elbow my son! I was shocked. He even did the "throw your elbow to his head motion"!!!! I was really upset after that I was upset but still didnt think it worth me saying anything about it.

Im certain this guy had no idea I was in the stands watching him bark orders to his kid to elbow a 4 year old in the head. The father did this "elbow motion" toward my kid a total of 3 times and after the 3rd I had enough. I walked right up to the guy and just stared at him about a foot of space between us. He didnt know who I was before but Im sure from the look on his face he realized it quick. After an awkward couple seconds of a stare down he blurted out that my kid was kicking his son (after they knocked each other down) and "thats how people die out there"... I was very civil and told him my son is 4 years old why would you tell your kid to elbow him in the head 3 separate times. He got defensive and I got angrier. All he coud say was that if I didnt want my kid to get hit then go play basketball. There was more dialog but ill be damned if I can remember.

There was alot of parents at the rink watching there kids and im sure they watched me confront this guy. I said what I had to say to him and followed it up with a very loud "PARENT OF THE YEAR AWARD RIGHT HERE" so that everyone could hear it then turned my back and walked away while he was still talking. A few minutes later I was approached by a mom saying she was so glad I said something to this guy, apperently he has pissed off alot of the parents with his and his sons antics.

I never thought I would be THAT GUY to confront another parent. But that is where the blame lies, not with the child. I am still very angry and will more than likely contact the rink and complain. May just edit this post and mail it to the rink managers.

Any thoughts or opinions? I am still VERY angry about this. I honestly wanted to tear this guys head off for being such a *****. I havnt shaved since I was in Iraq, sporting my Pens playoff beard... I must have looked like the crazed parent and not him.

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