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05-07-2009, 12:03 AM
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An excerpt from Chapman's bio:

"Chapman played his final NHL season. During his career, he had often been chided for playing too defensively, but Chapman would give his standard reply 'If you can stop them from scoring, you'll get a goal in time.'"

As for Bowie - reality of the game when he played was that it was a very, very violent game. A lot of stick work. A lot of vicious plays. And keep in mind that it's the time before helmets and the pads that we have now. If you didn't have that edge to you, that ability to get them before they got you, you didn't survive very long. The descriptions of the game's early years aren't always pretty. The Hockey: A People's History series that the CBC did a few years back was very well done, I thought, and they show the turn of the 20th century hockey to be one the roughest and toughest times in the history of the sport.

Incidentally, 70s, your 21st round pick was officially skipped when pit announced that Ross was his coach. Good thing for you that Wiser is after you, and he won't be up for a couple more hours.

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