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Originally Posted by jessebelanger View Post
Hydroxycut is going to dehydrate you

Hockey is going to dehydrate you

If you're combining the two, make sure you are drinking A TON of water/gatorade.
No matter what he uses its going to dehydrate him. To me its where alot of people have problems with these supplements is they dont get enough fluid in them. You keep hydrated and its going to flush out of the system rather then accumalate. And another thing to not forget is you have to cycle on and off with these products.

What I dont like about the whole hysteria with Hydroxycut right now is how blown out of proportion it is. 23 cases out of how many people using it over how many years? I was taking prescription medication that side effects were tremendously worse than Hydroxycut and thats prescribed every day in doses larger than Hydroxycut.

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