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09-25-2004, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan

Players under 25 would accept NON-GUARANTEED contract ? No way, you just tell them that from now on, you won't be sure to get a paycheck.

Stop thinking as a fan & start thinking as a player.

You got a better chance that 35 years old player would accept a non-guaranteed contract because they would just want to play this season since there's no much gas (seasons) left in the tank (player).
I am thinking as a player, the only thing keeping up anyone under 25 in the NHL is their consistency and effort. If I was an NHL player on the bubble and I knew that some old veterans on my team who earned $4 millions/year didn't give a full effort, I would really look forward to the day when the GM cuts his lazy ass and gives me a chance. Start thinking more along the terms of ALL the players in the NHL/AHL, not just the 20 man roster being happy together.

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