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05-07-2009, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
I don't post here looking for credibility. If you're going to suggest I "thought up" my credentials, then that's you're problem, not mine.
So I have to ask, if you aren't looking for credibility why did you even bother to bring your "credentials" up? They mean as much to me as your opinion.

Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
You obviously have a hard time when somebody tells you that you're wrong, but your judgment and application of this rule is not solid by any means. If applying the rules correctly is letting my ego be my guide, then I will let my ego be my guide.
I don't have issues when the person telling me I'm wrong can back up what they are saying, you can't. You don't agree, which is fine, but because you don't, all you can say is that your opinion is the only one. Your reasoning is that just because the rules don't specifically state that the stick can't be used upside down for play is reason enough. Nice sound reasoning. Send me a ruling from USAH that supports you and I'll change my way, until then, you're full of yourself and more.

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