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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post

Great post and I think you handled it perfectly. Most important points IMO are that a) his son is only doing what his old man tells him to do, and b) this dad should not be allowed in the rink.

Definitely follow through with contacting the rink manager. If other parents have all had talks about this guy I'm sure a lot of the kids on the ice have been knocked around, too. Frankly I'd be concerned that there's not enough supervision from the coaches that this would be tolerated.

No offense, buddhahat, but I've got to disagree with your position. While the kids may not be physically hurt by getting knocked around they shouldn't be bullied. The kids who can't take it will quit and the ones who can take it learn bad lessons about hitting and intimidation. That there's a range of ages from 4-12 on the ice the coaches should be much more aware of, and prepared to handle, this kind of thing.
Well, if you give it another read you'll see that I said that the on-ice coaches should be informed of the inappropriate behaviour and left to deal with the bullying behaviour. Also if you took the time to read the initial post, you'll see that Gravedigger said that his child was not bothered by it so much (playing with him). So I'm not sure where I went wrong? maybe you could give it another read and be more specific?

Also where I live the rink manager runs the rink not the hockey programs. Whoever has paid for the ice is responsible for the one-ice conduct - which is why once again I suggested he talk to an on-ice coach.

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