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05-07-2009, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs178 View Post
It's funny how our "backups" always tend to be the better goalie, and never get the chance to prove themselves. I would hate to lose Halak, but its quite obvious he's never going to be given the fair chance that he deserves. So sad...
they are not always better, the perception changes thats all, the backup goalie role is the best position in the NHL to get overrated

When you lose a game, its not a big deal because you are the no 2 goaltender and its normal that no 2 dont win because they are cold, they didnt play often etc etc etc and other silly excuses like this

But when you win a game, these same factors come in the equation you won a game! despite being cold, not playing enough and blablabla

and this is how the hype on backup goalies get created, then, when the said backup goalie have to play for a long spam of time (Halak, Sanford, Sabourin, Anderson) baring some rare situations (Clemmensen, Conklin) their flaws come exposed and the backup goalie go back to the backup goalie situation.

And in Montreal, a place where we did not have a globally appointed starter for years, people have the tendency of doing it in a completely overboard manner

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