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Originally Posted by buddhahat View Post
Well, I would say that you started off correctly but it sounds like it escalated a bit too far. As a parent and a coach, I have found that there is nothing wrong with letting a parent or player know that you consider their behaviour unacceptable. What I try to do is keep it quiet the first time I bring it up. Calling someone out in front of others seems to bring out the worst in people especially sporting parents.

Here's what I would do from here on - stay away from the other parent for now. Call over a coach or assistant on the ice and tell them what you are seeing happening on the ice. Let them handle the other boy's behaviour, warn him, maybe remove him from the ice (IMHO they should be watching a little more closely as it is). But remember that it'll take a fair amount for little kids to be hurt while wearing equipment - make sure you are genuinely worried about your kid getting hurt and not just annoyed at the other kid's dad.

If the other parent approaches you, apologize for losing your temper and reiterate that you think his behaviour (not his kid's - important!!) is unaceptable in kid's hockey. If there are like-minded parents around you when this is happening use a voice that can be overheard (he approached you so you are not calling him out) and wait for his response. Don't argue with him - just state your case. If it still continues, ask for the people who run the hockey school to arrange an arbitration meeting between yourselves and a rep from the school.

In short let the adults on the ice handle the kids behaviour and let the adults in the stands try to behave like adults.

Of course after typing all that, I have been known to take a particularly difficult parent aside and explain to him why it would be in his best interest to avoid the rink for a few weeks
Yep and also like the rink I play at mostly bad parents who do that get tossed out of the building for the game. They also have signs posted in the lobby and food concession area to let them know that isn't tolerated.

Too bad some parents have to be so serious about a GAME. It is just a game and doesn't require yelling at the refs, kids or other parents.

The original poster had a right to be upset for sure.

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