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05-07-2009, 03:16 PM
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a good rule of thumb is, if you cant walk on it comfortably then you shouldn't play on it. It looks like to me that there's quite a bit of swelling (may just be how the pic looks) but if thats the case then you need to stay off it. Bruises are basically internal bleeding and like most minor cuts and scraps your blood clots and prevents you from bleeding out anymore, unless you take another puck to the ankle or do anything to hurt it worse you dont have to worry about the bruise getting bigger.

If your in discomfort that can prevent it from healing completely, believe me i know...i hurt my wrist last October and it still hurts because i haven't taken time off to let it heal.

My opinion...keep ice on it and before your next game if you can comfortable walk, run, and jump on it then you need to rest it. better to miss one game and let it heal than play and hurt it worse or have it compromise how you play.

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