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Originally Posted by gohabsgo2001 View Post
Not quite. Tell me, what endorsement deals does Lecavalier currently have in Quebec? Furthermore, those endorsements would be tied to a contract which, if terminated, would still grant Lecavalier the money he's owed. Him joining Toronto isn't a felony, unfortunately. And I've been to plenty Lighting-Habs games in recent years, and Lecavalier as a member of the Tampa Bay Lighting is booed regardless of the fact that he plays for a non-rival.

To say that Lecavalier ending up in Toronto is "100 times more ridiculous than the one landing him in Montreal" is incredibly shortsighted when you consider the GM's currently in play.
Lol. You have it in reverse.

What is shortsided is believing that the GM in Toronto or Montreal makes any difference on who has the final decision, and that person who has the final decision is LECAVALIER (no matter if his NTC hasn't kicked in, Lawton promised Lecavalier he could chose his team, if he (lawton) doesn't abide to that, he won't be able to attract UFAs as his reputation through the NHLPA will be a bust). I can bet you WHATEVER you want that Lecavalier won't put Toronto on his list, and I can bet you WHATEVER you want that he will NOT end up in Toronto.

And stop believing Bryan Burke is such a good GM, we've already been over that one.

Also, I never heard once Lecavalier getting booed at the Bell Center. You know, going at the BC on acid is not the best way to enjoy a game, you might wanna consider that.

"""Him joining Toronto isn't a felony, unfortunately."""

You're still missing the point. And LEcavalier does have endorsement deals here. Yet again you point to them having to honor their contract, again, the point is FUTURE contracts. He won't get any out of Quebec and he did have many over the years.

The point remains that Lecavalier is THE ONE who WILL chose a list of destination and only in a Laffs fanboy's dream will Lecavalier will chose Toronto, when he will have so many choices that don't have the media and fan pressure that they have.

The only reason why Lecavalier would put Montreal on his list is for sentimental reasons, no matter if there is media and fan pressure, but if you take out that sentimental reason, he won't go and chose someplace where there is as much media and fan pressure and also a team that is in a downward spiral and starting to rebuild. Most people will agree that he'd probably add other city names waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Toronto, like LA who have a lot of great young players, sunshine and no media pressure.

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