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05-07-2009, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm not denying the economy will go back up, eventually it will. How soon? seem to have a better idea than me.

All I was saying is that it'd be stupid to sign/take in contracts that are expensive and longterm in thinking the cap will rise therefore the salary won't have as big an impact in 4-5-6years.

I wouldn't sign JayBo to the max salary over 13years by thinking halfway through that contract, it won't look like such a bad deal.

I think that's just wishful thinking and a very stupid and risky business move.
My guess is that the economy is already starting to turn upwards, the market at least seems to be showing that. I would fully expect that things will be back on track in 12-18 months, not that everything will be fine as banks are still in trouble, the housing market will continue to struggle in certain areas, but things do appear to be headed in the right direction. Granted I know much more about stocks then the economy so I guess we'll see.

Frankly i'd be surprised if the cap was under 50M in 2 years. Granted I'm not saying I support signing players to 13 year deals, I'm against that.

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