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05-07-2009, 04:59 PM
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Left-handed shooter. I like to hold the puck on the left side of my body...(shooting position) and either:

A) Go low, stick the post and in from anywhere between 5-15 feet range...depending on how the puck feels as I push it on the ice..(the more snow...the harder to get a good shot)

B) If the goalie is locking in...I will pump my leg (shot fake) and then make a HARD lunge to my RIGHT and try to get the goalie going away from the stick side post...try to reach back across him and chip into the stick side as the goalie goes to my right.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^
As long as you PRACTICE making quick release/accurate shots (focus on shaving the inside of that stick side goal-post) and don't over handle the puck when your coming in...this is pretty much the time-tested/fail-safe method you MUST use in order to convert a HIGH % of breakaways coming straight in on the goalie!!!

Breaking in off the wings is a different philosohpy...which requires more agility/patience/hands...but basically I think what you want to get the goalie moving acorss the crease and SLOW your momentum down just enough so that you can still make an 'across your body' he goes down. Its tricky...but if you practice making sharp angle shots into the top of the will have good success.

I pretty much EXPECT to score on any 1on1 with the goalie...even if ther eis some back checking attempts.

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