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Originally Posted by FLYLine24 View Post
I play in the top 2 levels in the rink and the top level is mostly ex college players (im not talking all D1(maybe 2-3 per team), but guys who know how to play good hockey). If I come in with enough speed, and can fake them with the shot like im shooting to the left side of the net, they bite. Which leaves room between the right post and their pad to slide the puck in.

All about the fake, i show them shot the entire time.

Everyone in the top level is about 22-30 as well. Isnt an old timer league either haha.
Ya...its an old school move...(you shoot left, yes?). Like I used to be a favorite of mine...nowadays though...I find that the transition from my forehand to my backhand either A) Takes too long and the goalie gets across...leaving me with NOTHING...or...B) The puck will all too often roll up on me or skip as I pull it across and PLUS...there is always the threat of a poke check anytime you take the puck scross the front of your body.

I guess its still a good move to use...but there are too many things that can go wrong IMO.

EDIT: Im in your head and your NEVER going to score with it anymore!

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