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Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
I like how you say Bernier needs to prove himself in NHL games and then on the flip side you so nonchalantly say Stewart was "on pace for 20". "On pace for" is the equivalent of saying he had the potential to. Same as Bernier has the potential to be a good NHL goalie. For all you know, Stewart could have just quit at 11 goals this year. And for all we know, Bernier could have outperformed the likes of Mason and be up for the Calder had he been called up in the beginning of the season. All I'm saying is you have to be consistent when you throw around words like "on pace for" and "potential". You can't use them to hype your guy and then critique other teams' prospects. It reeks of homerism.
Oh, shut up. Stewart is not yet proven, but he's had more time to demonstrate his skills than Bernier. Maybe he would've gone onto score 20 goals, maybe not, but he probably would have scored some more points over the stretch of 82 games given his comfort level on the ice. Maybe if Bernier had played at least a dozen games or so you could defend posting this melodramatic paragraph. Bernier is very young and talented, and I'm not sure if Stewart for him is fair or not, but it's hard to defend the stance that Stewart is not more proven given that he has had more time in the NHL (compared to Bernier's four games) and has been noticed very positively even off the scoreboard.

Originally Posted by Zal View Post
Keep in mind he had nothing to do with the deal with CO wanting Bernier for Smyth at the deadline.
Beyond baseless speculation / rumors, I don't believe there is anything to back up the claim that Colorado was trying to trade Smyth, never mind seeking Bernier and Teubert in return. Please show me otherwise if I am wrong.

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