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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Target shooting, the event that counts for nothing where you stand still and shoot? What does that have to do with shootouts?

Yes those other options were not bad, but they still aren't Wayne Gretzky. Wayne had 90 points in 1997-98 and 97 points the year before, more than Fleury, Shanahan, Lindros, Nieuwendyk and of course Bourque. To say he was at the "end of his career" is stupid because he was better than all of them at that time too.

Whether he is a playmaker or not does not negate the fact he's the smartest player ever and had the best chance to beat Hasek.
Points? Come on now! You can't set up goals in a shootout. You're really spin doctoring your argument. Gretzky only had 23 goals that season. Four of those shooters had more goals than Gretzky that season and were in their prime years. They were all back with Canada in 2002 to win Gold. The other choice was a defenceman and had the most accurate shot on the team.

Gretzky was no longer a goal scorer at that point in his career and I hate to bring up him being bad on breakaways but everyone in hockey knew this.

You can argue that Crawford should have picked Gretzky even though the stats and trends suggest otherwise but that's your perogative. However, to say Crawford shouldn't be considered for the Habs job because of a debatable shootout selection is assinine. Completely assinine.

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