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05-07-2009, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by buddhahat View Post
Geez, thanks for clearing that up Gordie. My point is 99% of the players on the ice aren't going to make proper use of 10% of the technology. That's like saying "I drive a 911 therefore I'm ready for F1". And if you think a $300 stick is going to turn you into Brett Hull, well, I wish I owned a Sportchek.
Well, that's what I'm saying is wrong. Yeah, you may not get full use out of it, but you will be able to get a nice boost out of the weight in the form of faster stickhandling, and your shot will have a much better pop if you buy the right flex. It won't make you Brett Hull. Not even the people who make them claim that. The only people who trot out that line are the "wood sticks are the absolute exact same except for price" people. You're not going to be an NHL player instantly. But your shot probalby will improve, and your stickhandling probably will speed up.

Some players won't get much benefit out of them at all, but we're talking absolute beginners here, not everybody but NHLers. Guys who can't shoot and stickhandle anyway.

Try one in a game and I'll bet you'll shut up instantly.

If you want to keep using that argument however, use it for top end skates. Much more valid there.

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