Thread: Proposal: Toronto and Florida.
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05-08-2009, 12:52 AM
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Well, Leafs fans would never approve of this trade because they just have such tainted homer glasses that they believe that all their players are gods and every other player in the league is trash. Come on, they fully believed Antropov was going to return a nid 1st and a top 3 prospect (of course some organizations have a better #3 prospect than others but the point was they were getting a QUALITY prospect and not a marginal one).

Don't you know, Leafs fans wouldn't trade Kaberle for the #1 pick straight up because Kabs is SOOO much more valuable than any pick ever in the hisroty of the draft.

If the Leafs can sign J-Bo then the deal is slanted in the Leafs favor. Think about it, right now and in the future, Boumeester > Kaberle. The difference isn't that big right now but in 2 years the difference will be HUGE. Major upgrade for the Leafs. Now for Horton vs Tlusty, are you kidding me??? Thisi sn't even close, it's Horton by a mile now and in 10 years from now. With Fla sending back a 3rd this year the 2nd this year and 1st next year from Toronto don't even come close to making it even.

Toronto gets one of the 3 best dmen in the game today in Boumeester and a true first line winger. The panthers get a rental player dman who only helps the organization if they can flip him for a 1st and a prospect (something that Tor themselves couldn't do this year so who;s to say that a Kaberle 1 year old with 1 less year on his "good contract" and in a declining cap year would return that package THIS year??) and a center that "hopefully" developes into a legit 2nd line center.

Unless they got extremely lucky with their draft, neither the player they take with the Tor 1st in 2010 nor the player they take with the 1st they get when they trade Kaberle will be better than the dman and winger the Panthers are giving up.

If the Leafs CAN'T resign Boumeester then including Tlusty is the over payment by the Leafs.

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