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Originally Posted by MTLHabsAK46 View Post
See, you don't understand. Re-read my post and you'll see that of course he isn't ready to be a starter, but when he'd normally be ready, he's going to be in the upper echelon of starting goalies.

They rushed hi mso they didn't have to work out a new contract with Huet so that they could have their long term fix in net when he's gone.

It might not look great now, but if the organisation feels he can go through the rough patches and turn himself into a better player, then they made the good long term decision.

I understand why the Habs done what they done with Price....I just don't agree with it at all. Price needed at least 1 full year in Hamilton with the Bulldogs to fine tune his game and make the adjustment to pro hockey where there was no pressure or constant spotlight on him.

They didn't have to forget about Halak like they did. They could have used him instead of forcing Price into a job that he is not ready for. We could have used Halak since he played solid when Huet got hurt and Aebischer was rotten and the Habs needed goaltending in 2006-07. They could have used Huet and Halak or the whole 07-08 season giving Halak some valuable experience with Huet while Price was playing in the minors and then at the end of that season, let Huet go and go with Halak and Price with Price in a backup role, with no pressure on him while Halak was the #1 for all of this season.

We would have done just as good with Halak in the net as we did with Price this season. Then next season, both goalie could split games unless one of them stepped up and took over and at the end of next season, we would be able to trade Halak away because he would have had 2 solid seasons with lots of playing time, Price would have had a full season in Hamilton, he would have backed Halak up for a season and then split all next season so he would have been broken in slowly and competed for the #1 job with Halak and he would be more ready than he was this season.

If we would have done those things instead of rushing Price, he would have been a better goalie for it. He would have been the Habs #1 goalie a season or 2 later than some people would have liked, but it would have been a more natural situation for him to adjust in.

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