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05-08-2009, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Parisex9 View Post
Hey guys, I'm on my cell phone so I hopy everything comes out right..I got a couple questions concerning hockey gear..I am going to start playing in an ice hockey league and roller hockey league. I don't own any serious equipment and I'm going to purchase everything in about a week or 2.. So here's my questions:

For ice hockey is it better to wear a girdle and shell or pants, I kno I need roller hockey pants for roller..but on ice what provides more protection or flexibility?

If I get a helmet with a cage, will I get used to having the cage infront of my eyes or will I always see lines? because if so I will purchase I it harder to see with a visor? Do things become warped?

The cheaper gear would still be sufficient enough to play ice/roller right? I am looking at some package deals on that has elbow/chest protecter/shin guards for 125-150. Is that good enough quality?

And last.. What would be certain gear required for just ice or just roller, or can I use all the gear for either of the 2..

Thanks a lot. (:
Well I from my experience:

You can surely use the same girdle/pants combo for roller as you do ice (ie..roller hockey girdle with roller hockey pants as opposed to hockey pants/socks/garter belt) may get weird looks at the rink tho...It surely saves money tho!

If you have a play it again sports near you (or used hockey gear) I would go with that! Its already broken in and you can try it on before you purchase as opposed to buying online and finding it doesn't "fit quite right"

For a helmet..I personally never used a cage so I never got used to it. Now I can't wear one. The full shield visors have a tendancy to fog up. They do make half shield/half cage versions which I have gotten by with in leagues that require full facial protection.

Hope this helps!

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