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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
The NHL general managers were polled at the time to make up an unofficial all-star team.

Everything is to be taken together, not individually.

Alright he had heavy praise from ex-teammates and ex-coach. But also heady praise from a top sports writer and by those who voted into the HHOF. And the fact that he was an all-star in other leagues before the NHL later in his career. And how he's cited as among the greats in talk of the era.

I am utterly amazed at how someone could rely on a goal scoring stat as "objective" and scoff off a ton of other indicators as simply being "subjective".
Sturm is right that the Adams quote can't be seen as all that important in the grand scheme of things. But I don't know that you needed to be grilled for that. We can decide for ourselves how important it is. And like you said, it's just a piece of the puzzle, along with the other quotes, his accomplishments, his HHOF induction, and his impressive goal-scoring placements.

By the way, do you have those full all-star teams?

Originally Posted by papershoes View Post
sorry for missing my pick - we've been preparing for graduation all day and i was quickly side-tracked.

with their skipped pick, the kenora thistles are pleased to finish their defence by adding a very sturdy defensive defenceman from the dynasty canadiens...

#24 bob turner (d)

it seems as though turner should be selected right alongside dollard st.laurent. both were steady defensive defenceman for the 50's canadiens. both were 5 time cup winners. both were five time all-stars. dollard had slightly better offensive numbers - though turner had a better offensive season.
Just to clarify.

Five time all-star game participants. Automatically, as members of the cup-winning team.

Not five-time all-stars.

Which is fine, it just doesn't serve as evidence that they were top-4 blueliners in the league or even top-8. Just means they "might have been" 5th-10th best in the league and sent to the ASG on merit alone.

And, you could say it is just as important that they contributed to a cup winner five times.

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